Overcoming pharma supply-chain challenges in MENA.

In late 2010 ACG were approached and asked to source the supply of controlled pharmaceutical products into the Middle East and Africa.  We undertook a 3 month study to understand where the challenges in the market were, specifically focussing on:

  • Compliance
  • Demand
  • Supply of pharmaceutical products
  • Supply chain management
  • Cost


In May 2011 ACG formed a collaborative agreement with one of the leading pharmaceutical supply platforms in the world.  With the capacity to draw supply from over 70% of licensed pharmaceutical suppliers in the world, distributing and delivering products globally through an internationally renowned distributor, their internet based, transparent supply system brings confidence to end users that they can trace their product from manufacturer to delivery, and manufacturers the confidence that they can track their products to the end user.

Using the power of a web-based system this concept has already begun to revolutionise the provision of pharmaceuticals in the Middle East and Africa in a very short space of time.