ACG – About Us

ACG is a group of privately owned companies, based in the United Kingdom.  The Corporate Governance of ACG is achieved through our Supervisory Board, Board of Directors and respective Advisory Boards.  The ACG Supervisory Board members bring specific multi-national high levels of expertise from Political, Military, Business, Charity and Non-Governmental sectors.  The ACG Advisory Board is comprised of a team of specialists, which support the diverse nature of our business. This group advises ACG in the following areas:

  • Political Liaison
  • Defence & Security Operations
  • Business & Compliance
  • Aviation Operations
  • Medical Support
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Construction & Engineering


ACG Holdings is the strategic executive management body of the group and the node for all group operations with specific responsibility in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Political Liaison
  • Corporate Liaison
  • Military Liaison & Contracting
  • Compliance & Administration


ACG Global Ltd is our specialist mobility solutions arm of the group with a specific focus on vehicle, heavy construction equipment and mobile power generation lease and rental business.

ACG Intl Ltd is the business development arm of the group aligning demand and supply capability prior to bringing buyers and suppliers together.

ACG (Dubai) Ltd is the service company of the group providing direct consultancy services to clients on a contracted basis across a broad range of sectors.  These services are routinely delivered for a fixed period of time as part of a broader mentoring and development program in conflict, post-conflict and disaster relief environments.

ACGTRAD Ltd is the trading arm of the group.  From a compliant business platform ACGTRAD Ltd provides an interface for non-expeditionary focussed suppliers to engage with a broad spectrum of buyers who have structured, rigid compliance protocols.